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Chemical Safety Regulation

Chemicals in Austrlaia have a wide range of Regulation – both at state and national level.

The key types of regulation cover Hazardous Chemicals (classified on the basis of the GHS System) and Dangerous Goods.

We cover ALL of your regulatory obligations within our training course Handle Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals in detail.

With the development of the GHS system for Hazardous Chemicals the website managed by Safe Work Australia has all the relevent legislation related to chemicals, covering classification, labelling and safety data sheets.

Enclosed are some of the key links relevent to these:

WHS Act and Regulations

Hazardous Chemicals Codes of Practice

These links are regularly updated.

For Dangerous Goods you will be directed to the National Transport Commission website and information on Dangerous Goods:

Australian Dangerous Goods Code

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