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Dangerous Goods Audit

We are able to conduct a detailed Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling Audit within your site operations. This will cover storage, handling and transportation operations plus emergency response, placarding and licensing requirements.

Whether you are a mine site, oil and gas rig, water treatment plant, hospital or logistics operation the principles of effective dangerous goods management are the same. We will explain which regulations are relevant to your business and some of the key areas of compliance required.

We will clarify if you need a Dangerous Goods License for storage on site.

In addition we can also complete an audit of your compliance against the up coming GHS system contained in the WHS Regulation to see how you can become compliant in key changes that are in place in Australia.

This will help you be fully compliant with the new requirements with an action plan in place.

Once we have completed the Audit we can feedback key areas to the management team in a one hour presentation covering areas that require attention and provide advice to help bridge that gap.

We will create and professionally print a detailed “gap analysis” report for your site compliance actions.

We have transferred a very successful operation from Europe of a “Traffic Light System” of recording and communication of areas of improvement which we then communicate back in our audit report and presentation.

Dangerous Goods Audit Information Flyer

We have some speciality expertise in Chemical Laboratory Audits to Australian Standards (AS 2243:Safety in Laboratories) to help provide best practice advice on chemical registers, safety data sheets, risk assessments, and storage requirements specifically in a laboratory environment.

Our service includes coverage of placard signage, emergency response plans and spill control equipment and what is the most suitable PPE for the chemicals used.

Are you Compliant in Dangerous Goods Safety?  We can help you in this process.

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