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Chemical Safety Specialists

Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services cover many detailed areas of Chemical Safety in the workplace that help organisations understand and deliver Regulatory Compliance for Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances and the new Global Harmonisation System (GHS).

Our speciality service is Dangerous Goods Audits which we cover for a wide range of clients in Australia. These are a detailed review of your storage, handling and transportation operations of dangerous goods within your operations – matched to your regulatory requirements. These cover process plants, warehouses, waste management facilities and laboratories on your site.

We will explain which regulations apply to your business and how to achieve compliance in a step by step approach.

These services are also available for Capital Projects where this key information is required at the Project Design stage to meet regulatory compliance further down the operations.

All our work is covered with a minimum Professional Liability Insurance of $5m and Public Liability Insurance of $20m and have a team of technical consultants for support.

Click the link to some of these services we can help with:

Hazardous Substances – Work Safe WA compliance

Dangerous Goods License Applications

Global Harmonisation System Consultancy

Dangerous Goods Audits

Dangerous Goods Placard and Signage

Capital Projects and Design

Please call General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178  to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

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