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The Global Harmonisation System is a United Nations created system for the Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheets for Chemicals on a global basis – It is often known as GHS for short.

Australia has signed up to the new system which is now compulsory for all chemicals sold in Australia.

It is already operational in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and Europe as the main tool for classifying and labelling chemicals in the workplace so Australia has joined the programme.

Here in Australia we have new National Codes of Practice on Classifying, Labelling and Safety Data Sheet Management that are now relevant for all companies.

Essentially the GHS System, developed by the United Nations and adopted here in Australia brings a NEW system of classifying chemicals, labelling chemicals and a new structure safety data sheet. It stated objective is to raise the awareness of health and environmental hazards in the workplace.

The system will impact greatly on chemical manufacturers and distributors with some key requirements for labelling and SDS structure and management.

We can help your team in this process through Training and Consultancy in understanding the obligations on your particular business operations.

GHS Services Chem-Safe Australia

We are covering the key GHS Employer Obligations in our 5 hour GHS Awareness Training that is available across Australia. This will help provide a detailed framework about what all operations need to manage as part of this project. It is particularly relevant to companies who manufacture and distribute chemicals and those who use them in the workplace.

GHS Awareness Training Course 2019

The requirements of GHS are particularly stringent if you are supplying chemicals to customers in Australia and must understand the new obligations and requirements covering the issue, structure and supply of safety data sheets and also the new labelling requirements.

We advise you to regularly check our  News Page  for updates in 2019 in this key area of Chemical Safety.

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