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Chemical Safety Specialists

Hydrofluoric Acid Training

Our three hour awareness training course covers all the key safety elements of the storage and handling of Hydrofluoric Acid – one of the most dangerous chemicals in Australia.

The course is best suited to groups of up to ten people.

This chemical is both highly toxic and corrosive and can be fatal in small quantities.

We also cover in detail key first aid measures and what to do in an accidental release of the chemical.

PPE types are covered in detail plus key skin neutraliser calcium gluconate gel and how to apply it.

Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training Course Flyer

We cover the following key issues:

  • Hazards of hydrofluoric acid
  • PPE requirements
  • Emergency response
  • First Aid – calcium gluconate gel
  • Risk assessment
  • Safe working practices
  • Neutralisation
  • NICNAS information

The course comes with a 30 page technical manual and can be adapted to your process and activities.

Please call General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178 for further information on this specialist training course.
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