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Chemical Safety Specialists

Glyphosate Review

This service is relevant for City Councils and Shires in Australia and covers the controls and application of glyphosate herbicide spraying in Australia.

Our service includes reviewing your current operational controls and ensure people employed in this role have a clear understanding of best practice chemical safety standards for this key chemical.

We can validate your current controls and suggest improvements for the herbicide spraying of this chemical in public places.

We will issue a report against agreed regulatory requirements and provide feedback of suggested improvements that could be undertaken.

Our service will cover the following areas:

  • Review of the chemical hazards of the glyphosate brand you are using
  • Provide hazard information on diluted levels used
  • Suggest potential alternatives and review evidence of trials so far
  • Discuss current PPE used and provide feedback (Coverall/Respirator/Gloves/Eyes)
  • Review training records to see they cover off key regulatory requirements
  • Review risk assessments completed
  • Evaluate any procedure or systems that are currently used,

We can also deliver short course training sessions for employees so they clearly understand the chemical hazards and controls required for the safe use of this high profile chemical.

If you have any interest in this area then please do not hesitate to contact General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178 for further information in this key area of chemical safety.

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