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GHS Webinar Training

During 2020 we will be introducing GHS Webinars across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe.

These are delivered through the Cisco Webex system.

This technology enables the viewer to see the presentation from a remote location and listen to the presentation in detail, asking questions where appropriate for an immediate response on-line and video link.

This is available across all states in Australia.

In addition overseas chemical manufacturers can use this approach to understand the specific requirements of GHS implementation and requirements in Australia and their specific obligations.

Our system enables us to add up to 20 people who can view the training course at the same time.

We have piloted and launched our GHS Awareness Course which is five hours in duration and this is now available in this format. We will send through all the training materials in advance so you can view them during the training course.

This can be broken down into smaller lessons that meet your operational requirements or we can create a webinar for your company based on your specific questions,product mix, issues or requirements.

GHS Hazardous Chemicals Training

This media enables us to reach multi-site locations at the same time and we price the session either per user or per session to minimise total training costs.

Please feel free to call General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178 and we can discuss the various options in this arena.

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