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Chemical Safety Specialists


Chem-Safe Australia Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for attitudes or actions of the students who complete our Chemical Safety Training Courses.

The education they receive through our training course in no way guarantees their actions in the future will always be as they should be.

Your actions in your profession, or in any other situation when you apply what you have learnt here, will be affected by many things other than just the learning from this course.

The success or failure of the student is dependent upon not only what they learn in our courses, but also, what they learn in studies elsewhere both formal and informal, as well as personal qualities and attitudes.
We provide guidance and training on what is considered by the chemical legislative framework in Australia to be the desired practice in the storage and handling of chemicals but this does not guarantee that an individual will adopt this approach – this is down to their own personal actions, rather than the training delivered by Chem-Safe Australia Pty Ltd.

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