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Dangerous Goods Placards

Under certain circumstances companies must display Signs and Placards on their site to warn Emergency Services and First Responders that Dangerous Goods are being stored on site.

The information on the Placards is critical in assigning the most appropriate Emergency Response Action Plan and is a regulatory requirement when your store a certain quantity of Dangerous Goods.

This threshold can be as low as 50kg depending on the type of Dangerous Goods being stored.

We can help you understand which signs are required, where they need to be placed and what the component information is contained within them.

The following key signs are covered:

  • HAZCHEM Outer Placards
  • Emergency Information Panels for Bulk Tanks
  • Warehouse Storage Signs
  • Signs for DG Cabinets
  • Signs for DG Gas Cages and Storage Containers
  • Vehicle DG Placards
  • Package Labelling required for Transport

We also cover in great detail these requirements in our Nationally Accredited Training Course TLID2003 Handle Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances

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