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Dangerous Goods License

Under certain circumstances companies may require a Dangerous Goods License from the government for the storage of chemicals classified as Dangerous Goods.

The critical activity is the volume of the dangerous goods you are storing and the type of products that can affect the criteria at which you need a licence. The more severe the identified Dangerous Goods hazard the lower the License volume threshold.

We can explain and advise on whether your business is currently operating above or below Dangerous Goods Licensing Requirements.

There can be prosecution and severe fines if a business operates above the DG License threshold without the necessary government regulatory approval.

Dangerous Goods Licensing Guidance Note

We are able to provide support and guidance in the Dangerous Goods License Application process through  government accredited DMP Dangerous Goods Consultants who we work with on this activity for Licensing.

They visit your site, audit your current facilities, procedures and systems and then help in the submission of necessary paperwork.

This will ensure you meet all the necessary DG License conditions before you submit your license application.

Dangerous Goods Site Licence Application Form

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