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COVID-19 Update

Given the National and State recommendations surrounding the COVID-19 virus pandemic we have decided to postpone all face to face training here in Australia.

Our strategy is about protecting both trainers and students equally.

In the risk management model of the hierarchy of control this is the “elimination” concept which is deemed to be the most effective action in risk minimisation in these challenging times.

Due to our business model and liquidity we have not made any staff redundant during this period as they are our biggest asset in the very specialised consultancy and training services we offer.

What it means is that when restrictions are lifted that we will be in prime position to continue our full service offering across Australia.

We are proud of our 10 year anniversary reached in December 2019 and are fully committed to a full service offering once national and state guidelines permit.

Our full service will resume as soon as possible.

However – we are still open for any projects, support, general guidance and help in any way for your chemical safety needs and have been busy in this area with hospitals, universities and logistics companies amongst others.

The pandemic virus is seeing our chemical usage in Australia increase dramatically through additional cleaning and sanitisation.

In the downturn in business some customers have asked us to design customer specific training programmes which can be offered in an alternative medium to face to face training – primarily online delivery.

In the hierarchy of control model of risk management this would be a “substitution” of learning activities – the second most important control of the model.

The chemical safety learning process is in a alternative format – but still effective.

We have trialled several systems and Webex has been the most successful by far and we have all the facilities now in place for this mode of training delivery.

All of our courses are available in this format and we can deliver training materials into your inbox 48 hours before the course and conduct the assessments during the course via the Webex portal.

We will shortly we advertising a range of “short courses” available to people across Australia which will be available through this option also.

These will allow employees to understand key principles of chemical safety and regulatory requirements for employers – these will be shorter courses but accompanied with chemical safety cards with all the key points.

If you would like us to design and deliver chemical safety training in this way please do not hesitate to contact General Manager, Craig Watt at


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