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The Global Harmonisation System is a United Nations created system for the  Classification, Labelling and Safety Data Sheets for chemicals on a global basis. Its is often called GHS for short.

It is currently already in place in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, New Zealand and most of Asia – Australia is one of the latest countries to integrate the GHS system.

In Australia this new system which became mandatory on all chemicals sold from 1st January 2017 which must have the new GHS compliant labels and GHS formatted safety data sheets in place and supplied to customers who purchase these chemicals.

The regulation of the GHS system is contained within the WHS Regulations (Part 7 – Hazardous Chemicals) in Australia. The Regulations have impacts for all people who use chemicals in the workplace and these new requirements must be clearly understood including a duty to train employees in the new system and hazards.

Chem-Safe Australia have now completed their GHS Chemical Safety Awareness Course mapped alongside the new WHS Regulations and is available for on-site delivery across Australia.

The 5 hour Awareness Course Covers all aspects of the new system plus a detailed analysis of how this impacts Dangerous Goods regulation across storage, handling and transportation plus emergency response.

We cover how to classify chemicals under this system, label them and create and develop the new formatted Safety Data Sheets.

The course is supported with our 50 page glossy colour GHS Technical Manual which is a great reference point for all the NEW requirements.

GHS Awareness Training Course 2019

GHS Services Chem-Safe Australia

This course has already been tested and delivered to over 5,000 people in Australia since its creation and some of Australia’s leading companies, both manufacturer’s and end users.

In 2019 we will also be delivering this course in the major cities of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne so please call for our latest update.

Please enquire about these dates already planned for 2018.

Please contact General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178 to discuss how we can help you in this new change proces

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