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Chemical Safety Specialists

Chemical Spill Training

This 4 hour training course was developed for people to effectively deal with a small chemical spill on site using a spill kit and appropriate PPE.

This course is delivered on your site in groups of up to ten people and comes with a 30 page training manual.

It is suited for all sites and is a systematic process for dealing with chemical spills and is delivered in a mixture of both theory, desktop exercises and group activities.

We cover the following key topics:

  • Types of spill kits and which to use
  • PPE types and information
  • Step by step approach to deal with a spill
  • Incident reporting
  • Regulatory requirements

We will develop a simple, yet practical approach to managing a small chemical spill safely and effectively.

Chemical Spill Training Course Flyer

We can adapt this course to the chemicals you use on your site and your particular equipment and logo the training manual to be your own internal training programme.

We will also cover the regulatory requirements and when we need to report the incident to government agencies and what information is required.

Please call General Manager Craig Watt on 0434 928178 for further details of this specialist training course.

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